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NetShop is an emerging eCommerce platform that makes everything accessible to online merchants. From marketplace integration where you can list and sell your products in different marketplaces such as 11street, Lazada, Lelong and many more in just a few clicks to mobile shopping feature, they developed a wide array of practical tools and strive to help emerging small companies to get off the ground and grow into successful companies.

We’re more than psyched to have NetShop to be part of our integration family and we think it needed something what we called bulk shipping tool to further simplify all hefty delivery booking tasks. No more frustration in spending your time to fill in all the relevant forms or details of your parcel. In other words, it’s time-saving!

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How Does It Work?

Find Out How Easy It Is To Use EasyParcel

1. Link

Link your NetShop account to us

2. Receive

Automatically receive buyers details

3. Book

Book the service you require

4. Track

View your orders at any time

The Bulk Shipping Tool

With our bulk shipping tool, you can now officially say goodbye to hefty and troublesome tasks. After setting up, you will be able to import all your orders from your online store into your EasyParcel account immediately. All your customer details such as name, address, contact number and so forth will be pushed to us automatically and all you have to do is checkout and pay for the order. Speedy isn’t it?

Everything is automated and now you can have more time to grow and improve your business. Customer is everything and you should spend most of the time on building relationship with them. Enjoy a cup of coffee and everything will be done in a minute.

Hassle-Free Delivery

Why would we say that? Image how much time you could save by skipping off all tedious consignment writing process. You’ll be able to get your air waybill (AWB) instantly once your payment is done. No more time-wasting as you’ll no longer need to write down the AWB one by one which cause you tons of time and energy.

On top of that, not to mention all those human mistakes that could have happen during the manual ordering process. I bet you wouldn’t want to experience any delivery mistakes that could cause severe damages to your business reputation. Automation is key and let the magic tool do the job for you!

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