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Who doesn't know Shopify? Shopify is one of the top leading shopping cart system provider with more than 243,000 active stores built with this system and over billion worth of sales generated. Shopify started out in 2006 and has grown a lot from a team of 5 into a team of 500 working in 4 offices across Canada.

With it's vast features and apps, limitless possibilities of online stores can be created from it. Not to mention, Shopify do provide their own “Point of Sale” system where you will be able to sell products in person or in your retail store. Such great shopping cart system provider deserves a standing ovation from us. So we EasyParcel have decided to build a bulkshipping tool for Shopify.

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How Does It Work?

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Link your Shopify Account to us

2. Receive

Automatically receive buyers details

3. Book

Book the service you require

4. Track

View your orders at any time

The BulkShipping Tool

Our BulkShipping Tool will enable you to link your eCommerce website with your EasyParcel account easily. Not only that, our tool will help ease you from retyping all the details of your orders individually as our tool is intelligent enough to pull in all your item's details such as name, address, weight and many more automatically.

On top of that, we can guarantee you that there will be mistakes done such as wrong deliveries or item send to the wrong address and etc due to parcel ordering in a rush. We believe you do not want to experience that nightmare.

Why Integrate

“Why Integrate?”, you asked. We would say, “Why Not”. Let's have a look what you get to enjoy when you integrate your Shopify store with EasyParcel.

  • No more retyping all the orders individually again.
  • No more duplicate details key-in due to rush.
  • No more wrong details key-in due to rush resulting in wrong deliveries.
  • Easy monitoring in EasyParcel after you have imported your orders.
  • and many more...

The list goes on. Who knows "Try It Once And You Will Be Using It Forever."

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