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InstanteStore who aims to provide a shopping cart solution with a great twist that will bring all the difference in online sellers experience. You might be wondering almost all the shopping cart solution features are the same. This is what differentiate InstanteStore than the rest. InstanteStore focuses on providing the right features that you'll need to succeed. Their goal is to have all businesses, large or small to be successful in any business they run.

We here in EasyParcel have develop a bulkshipping tool to help ease all InstanteStore merchants hefty works by automating all of it such as placing the order one by one.

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How Does It Work?

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Link your InstanteStore Account to us

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Automatically receive buyers details

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4. Track

View your orders at any time

The BulkShipping Tool

Why use BulkShipping tool? With this tool, you will be able to decrease your work amount drastically. Once your customer place an order and made the payment, the order will be processed and be forwarded back to you completely with the air waybill. All you have to do now is just ship the item to your customer and enjoy the profit.

Besides that, with tons of order per day, you will be expecting a lot of wrong deliveries due to unwanted mistakes such as booking the wrong order in a rush. You can now let the tool to automate most of the tasks while you enjoy your easier life. Not only that, you will be able to monitor all your past shipments and orders in a complete list. You don't even have to worry about forgetting to send your parcel.

Deliver At Speed Of Light

With this tool that help you to automate all hefty tasks, you will be able to focus more of your time and concentration on building your business. Driving more sales in and enjoying more profits. This tool is here to help you achieve that lifestyle.

Having your order processed automatically and forwarded back to you directly will indeed save you lots and lots of time. You would not want to damage your business reputation due to unwanted incidents such as forgetting to ship your parcel. Basically this is the catch of using our BulkShipping Tool. Efficient isn't it?

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