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HouseGuru, Malaysia's first eCommerce marketplace specializing in selling household products and services that range from living room to kitchen to bathroom and many more. Not only that, HouseGuru also provide solutions for all related furnitures and appliances such as security system, building materials, tools & hardware and others. Anyone with products that would like to be place on HOUSEGURU.COM.MY to be sold, kindly contact them for more information.

As for sellers in HouseGuru, we EasyParcel are bringing you "BulkShipping Tool" that will enable you to import your orders automatically from HouseGuru to EasyParcel with just few clicks. No more manual order placement needed.

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How Does It Work?

Find Out How Easy It Is To Use EasyParcel

1. Link

Link your HouseGuru Account to us

2. Receive

Automatically receive buyers details

3. Book

Book the service you require

4. Track

View your orders at any time

The BulkShipping Tool

What can our "BulkShipping Tools" do? Our tool will enable you to import all your orders from HouseGuru to EasyParcel in just few clicks. This will eliminate all the hefty tasks such as manual order placement, keying in the details of the order one by one. Our tool are smart enough to have your details such as address, name, contact number and email pull over accurately to EasyParcel.

You can save a lot of time that you can use to generate more sales and driving traffic. Besides that, there will be mistakes done such as wrong deliveries due to parcel ordering in a rush. We believe you do not want to experience that.

Deliver At Rocket Speed

With this amazing tool that will help you to automate all the hefty tasks, you will be able to focus more of your time to drive more sales for your products. More sales mean more profits. This will be the only tool you will ever need.

Why are we saying rocket speed? Normally you will have to place each of your order individually in EasyParcel. This takes up a lot of time thus delaying your delivery. But with this tool, once imported, you will be able to CheckOut and make payment for your order and have your parcel deliver at rocket speed.

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