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Got an EasyStore? We're compatible with them. You can now get your orders automatically transferred to EasyParcel instantly with just a button.

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Integrate EasyParcel to my EasyStore

How Does It Work?

Find Out How Easy It Is To Use EasyParcel

1. Link

Integrate EasyParcel with your EasyStore. Guide to integrate.

2. Receive

Automatically receive buyers details in EasyStore. No typing required.

3. Book

Fulfill your order with EasyParcel and download the Air Waybill.

4. Track

Automatically send tracking information to the buyers.

What is EasyStore?

EasyStore is an easy-to-use tool for you to build your online store.
With EasyStore you're able to set up your e-commerce website without hiring a developer or designer.

Integrated 30+ payment gateways

We have integrated payment gateway from all around the world to allow you accepting debit/credit card, local online banking, e-wallet and more payments.

30+ free theme templates

Free pre-designed templates for you to choose and to install on your online store within seconds.

Theme customization tool

Customize your store design with the customization tool & editor provided.

70+ advanced plug-ins

Enhance your customer shopping experience & your online selling experience with the advanced apps.

Sync with marketplaces

Increase your product exposure by selling on more channels.

Multiple currencies

Attract customers from all around the world by offering multiple currencies on your online store.

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Integrate EasyParcel to my EasyStore