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If you are using CubeCart as your shopping cart platform, you are using one of the most compelling eCommerce solution in the world. CubeCart has been empowering thousands of merchant globally to sell digital or physical products online.

Here at EasyParcel, we are determined that CubeCart will need it's own bulkshipping tool to help merchants to import orders conveniently.

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The BulkShipping Tool

It's easy to set up this integration. All you have to do is download the integration kit and move the kit to your eCommerce system folder. Then, insert the kit's URL and there you have it. You are all set up. You can choose to “Auto Import” your order or you would like to manually import it. Every 4 hour, the order will be imported and you are just few steps away from completing your order.

On top of this, you don't have to retype all the details again to place your order. There are no forms to fill and you will just need to confirm the details at the check out and make your payment. The order is placed and the courier will do the pick up for your parcel and deliver it for you.

Maximizing Your eCommerce Potential

Why we would say maximizing your eCommerce potential? Let's take an example, if you are able to ditch out all the repetitive work of placing order one by one and have the bulkshipping tool to do the work for you, you will be able to concentrate all your effort and time into making sales.

Furthermore, having your parcel deliver on time is also the key to a successful business. With our tools, you will not need to worry about wrong details inserted in a rush and delivered in to the wrong address due to unwanted mistakes. Our tools will provide you with the most accurate data or order imported straight to your EasyParcel account.

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