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Being one of the Malaysia's latest online shopping mall, it not only connects customers to variety of quality products at competitive prices but also provides a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers and sellers. Besides that, sellers even get to own their online store in the marketplace itself where customers will be able to browse through it.

It's a privilege having 11street to join our integration family. With this great marketplace, we are sure that you will be reaping in lots of profit every month. We understand with many orders coming in, it can be hectic. So we EasyParcel have come out with a bulkshipping tool that will help in eliminating all the hefty task.

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How Does It Work?

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The BulkShipping Tool

What can EasyParcel bulkshipping tool do? Basically it will help in eliminating the boring task away such as placing orders one by one. Not to mention, there are high possiblity that you have place the wrong order or wrong item send to the wrong address. We bet you do not want to experience that as this kind of small mistakes will damage your business reputation big time.

So with this bulkshipping tool, you will be able to import all your orders into EasyParcel with just few clicks away. On top of that, you will be able to go through the orders before checking out, making sure you are able to deliver the right parcels out first. Focus your time on making sales and let us automate the boring tasks for you.

Delivery On Time

With this bulkshipping tool integrated into your 11street store, you will be able to deliver your parcel on time. You don't have waste your time in placing orders anymore. Late order placement that result to late deliveries can caused a major damage towards your business reputation.

Furthermore, not only it does help in delivering your parcel on time but also help in organizing your parcel order, everything in one place, EasyParcel. You will be able to look through all your shipments, track your parcel and many more.

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